Who Should Olof Be?

Sharing a poll I made as I came back from parental leave. Curious to find out what the team needs and if my colleagues are in sync on those needs.

Back to Work

After 6 months of parental leave I'm now back at work.

A lot can happen in 6 months. Priorities might shift. The needs of the team might shift as well. Perhaps we want to move fast and break things or perhaps we want to take it slow and be really careful? It's hard to know without asking.

So I made a poll.

The Questions

Screenshot of Google Form

Screenshot of Google Form


For some questions my colleagues were in agreement. For example whether to prioritize between knowledge sharing and personal productivity. The main priority right now seems to be to help each other level up our skills together:

Screenshot of Knowledge Sharing vs Personal Productivity Results

With other questions it was clear we have distinct camps within the team. I don't know if we'll ever manage to reach consensus on this one:

Screenshot of Cats vs Dogs Results


"So what does these results actually mean?" The results served as a good starting point for discussion. Turns out we want to do more mob programming when digging deeper into the "Knowledge Sharing vs Personal Productivity" results.

I configured the Google Form so that everyone could see the results. That was probably a good idea. Allowed more people than just me to reflect over the results.

All in all a kinda fun experiment.