Portrait of Olof Larsson

Olof Larsson, Software Developer (1989)

Hi there, I code Java and React.

At age 13 I realized that programming was my passion. Since then I've been coding as a hobby. Professionally since 2007. Initially Royal Base, then Pascal, PHP, jQuery, Java, and React. I've also dabbled in Python and made this website with Hugo.

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PngEncoder Logo

PngEncoder (2020)

Java Optimization Encoding

PngEncoder is a really fast encoder for PNG images in Java. An open source project made together with ex-colleagues at Looklet. About 5 times faster than ImageIO with an easy to use interface.

Check out the Source!

A Game About Corn

A Game About Corn (2019)

React Create React App Free Stock Photos

A minimalist text based browser game using Create React App. Free stock photos used as backgrounds. A full play though takes about 20 minutes. The game state saves automatically in local storage.

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Some Kind of Pixel Game

Some Kind of Pixel Game (2018)

JavaScript Phaser.IO Pixel Art

This HTML5 game makes use of the open source library phaser.io. It isn't really finished and is more of a POC.

The low pixel amount and single color per material simplifies creativity. This art style allows me to paint all graphics myself.

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MassiveCraft (2011 – 2018)

Java Open Source MongoDB Minecraft Plugins Gaming Community

MassiveCraft is a Minecraft server and gaming community. A team of more than 30 volunteers helped me run the server. Personally I took care of systems administration keeping a bunch of Ubuntu linux servers running. Most importantly I coded a lot of Minecraft plugins, some of them open source (https://github.com/MassiveCraft), some of them closed source to add unique selling points to MassiveCraft.

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Lajvbutiken Screenshot

Lajvbutiken (2007 – 2014)

PHP Web Shop OS Commerce Imports from India

I started my first business as soon as I turned 18. Selling gear for live action role playing through a web shop (www.lajvbutiken.se) I coded myself. Fake swords imported from Germany and chainmail armor imported from India were the two main products. I closed the web shop 2014 to focus fully on MassiveCraft.